Chelsea star wants to leave club permanently

For what seems like the fourth time this month, Bakayoko has stated that he feels like he wants to ditch Chelsea and join AC Milan.

The midfielder had a terrorizing career at Chelsea where everything that could go wrong for him, did go wrong. Now he wants to join Milan and this is what he said.

“I would, why not continue at AC Milan. I’m very, very happy in Milan. I went through quite difficult times early in the season. Today, it’s really much better, on the pitch, in everyday life, and I’m very happy with what I live,” he said.

“I struggled to adapt to the very, very high level from Monaco to Chelsea, you’re really in another world. I had a hard time getting over that, staying regular there,” the ex-Ligue 1 player explained.

“I learned that one had to be more professional in everything, in recovery, concentration. I failed there on many things.”

“Who wouldn’t want to stay at a club like AC Milan for a long time?” he told French newspaper Nice Matin.

“But I still have three years left on my contract at Chelsea and I do not control all the elements.  Not everything depends on me,” he added.

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