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Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish has said that Wilfried Zaha will be allowed to leave in January next year. The statement comes as a boost for Arsenal and Chelsea, who chased the Englishman’s signature all summer.

Zaha was adamant on leaving the club but was forced to stay put. However, Parish has now said that he won’t stand in Zaha’s way.

Talking about the situation, he said,

“I’m sure it has a happy ending for everybody.”

“We’ve all been young, but the situation was not right for anybody this summer. You think at the time it is, but I wouldn’t put a cap on this kid’s talent.”

“I’ve watched him every week for 10 years, he scored the first goal in the first game after we bought the club when he was 16. So there’s even a bit of me that wants to see what he can do at a top club, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be the person who stopped that.”

“I feel he deserves to get there, I hope it happens and sometimes it mystifies me he’s not up there already.”

“I don’t know what he’s got to do — run the length of the pitch and beat four players? If people stood in my shoes having to replace him, trying to find someone in world football to do what he does, they would know.”

“We’re lucky to have him. But if that top club comes along and the money’s right, he’s an extraordinary talent and it’s going to be very difficult for us.”

“I’m here to do a job and my relationship with Wilfried has always recognised that. I’ve never asked him for a favour, he’s never asked me for one. It’s a professional relationship.”

“It was just at that moment we weren’t aligned, but I’ll try to find a solution from here.”

“Aaron Wan-Bissaka went to Manchester United, so if top clubs come in for our players with the right money, then it’s a timing issue.”

“We have to make a plan for the evolution of our squad. Wilfried won’t be here forever, and we must be ready for him to go, if he does go. The last day of the transfer window, however, is not going to be it.”

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