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Chelsea players with beards 2020

Chelsea players with beards 2020

Chelsea players with beards 2020

Chelsea players who have beards? Which Chelsea players have beards in 2020? Chelsea players with facial hair? A lot of footballers have beards now in 2020. It’s a common trend among footballers. But some can pull it off and some just can’t. A good example of a Chelsea player who can pull off a beard is Olivier Giroud.

Chelsea players with beards

Olivier Giroud is one of those people that actually look better with a beard than without!

So here we will look at the Chelsea players with the best beards in 2020. 

5. Chelsea players with beards: Mitchy Batshuayi

Chelsea players with beards 2020

Mitchy Batshuayi with beard style

Number five of our Chelsea players with beards list is Batshuayi. The Belgian is well-known for his bearded image throughout his career. He is now out on loan at Crystal Palace. Before leaving he signed new contract with the club.

4. Chelsea players with beards: Emerson Palmieri

Chelsea players with beards 2020

Emerson Palmieri with beard style

Chelsea’s left-back Emerson Palmieri has been sporting a thin beard lately. He shaves up the top near his hairline but keeps the mustache and chin facial hair. Emerson had been playing well since he arrived at Chelsea in January 2018. However, he has dropped his form since then and is now looking for an exit.

3. Chelsea players with beards: Mateo Kovacic

Chelsea players with beards 2020

Mateo Kovacic beard style

Kovacic joined Chelsea on loan as a part of the Thibaut Courtois deal and the English side signed him permanently in summer 2019. The less-used substitute from Real Madrid was seen as a starting eleven material by former Chelsea boss Sarri and the Chelsea and he has a stylish beard which he sports every match day. Under Lampard he is an extremely useful squad player who can play as a deep-lying midfielder.

2. Chelsea players with beards: Jorginho

Chelsea players with beards 2020

Jorginho beard style

He was the club’s record signing when he was brought into Stamford Bridge. He started off well and was considered to be Sarri’s general when the Italian started. However, with waning results, calls have come to drop Jorginho and return Kante to that position.

Under Lampard he has made good patches of runs in the team but has also found himself frozen out quite a lot.

1. Chelsea players with beards: Olivier Giroud

Chelsea players with beards 2020

Olivier Giroud has the best beard at Chelsea. The Frenchman really suits it and he actually looks better with it than without. Giroud seems to take good care of his beard too and it’s very rarely scruffy or overgrown.

The French striker has done well since his move to Stamford Bridge in January 2018. He has earned the starting spot a number of times.

Winner: Olivier Giroud has the best beard at Chelsea

Chelsea players with facial hair Olivier Giroud

Former Chelsea players with beards

Plenty of Chelsea players have departed. Here we look at former Chelsea players with beards.

Ex Chelsea players with beards: Cesc Fabregas

Chelsea players with beards Cesc Fabregas
Cesc Fabregas with beard style

The Spaniard Cesc Fabregas has been wearing a beard for most of the 2017/18 season it seems. Fabregas has also grown his hair out too so it’s a new look for him. Fabregas suits the beard and the longer hair in my opinion.

The playmaker has not had the greatest season but that could also be down to the strikers who haven’t finished off his passes. That could be why he has not made many assists this season. Fabregas has recently admitted that it has been tough not having a striker scoring goals consistently.

“I think the biggest regret maybe this season has been not taking our chances,” he told Sky Sports. “Oli [Giroud] is helping us a lot in certain things that maybe we were lacking”, Fabregas said.

“The most important is he is scoring big goals, which is what we ask – especially me as a midfielder. That is what we want – the strikers to put their chances away and make the team win points.”

Ex Chelsea players with beards: Tiemoue Bakayoko

Chelsea players with beards Tiemoue Bakayoko

Tiemoue Bakayoko with beard style

Tiemoue Bakayoko may not have been that great this season but he sports a pretty good beard! He grows facial hair mainly on his chin and shaves the rest near the top. The Frenchman has not been in great form since he arrived at Chelsea for £40 million. But there is still hope that he can replicate some of the forms he showed at his ex Monaco while out on loan at Napoli this season.