Chelsea mistake ruined my career PL winner

Many a footballer has come to Chelsea and been unable to cut it. 

Here is a story of one such footballer who joined Chelsea in 2001 from Hertha as a 16 year old and almost gave up on life in England.

However, 15 years later, he is now a Premier League champion – Welcoming Robert Huth of Leicester City and formerly and rather sadly of Chelsea.

He said of his sad Chelsea career: “I was young and stupid. There was actually no one particular reason. It was more like: why not? Money definitely didn’t matter. It wasn’t lucrative at all in the first few years. You don’t know how it goes. I didn’t think much about it either. Chelsea FC. That sounded good.

“They’d won the European Cup shortly before, Marcel Desailly played there, the 1998 World Champion. I just wanted to try it out. I think that was also the good thing: that I didn’t have any negative thoughts. Otherwise, I probably would have gone wrong”.

Huth said: “No, not without training, not without help. If my boy had an offer from, say, Spain, I would sit down with him first and explain to him how it really works. The reality looks like this: in the end, 1% of all youth players in the big academies can make a living from football.

“Nobody tells you that, of course. Nobody goes through the negative scenarios with you. It would be normal if you think about children”.

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