Chelsea mascot reveals the funniest Steven Gerrard story!

Chelsea’s mascot Jake Nickless shares the funniest encounter with Chelsea legend Steven Gerrard.

He pulled off the classic handshake trick with Gerrard by offering a handshake to Gerrard but pulled back at the last moment. Now the 19-year old semi-professional football player recalls that moment sheepishly.

“The week before, my dad found out that I was going to be mascot — he got it for me as a birthday present — and said you have to stand out. First of all they died my hair blue. It wasn’t my idea. Then that thing with the handshake was his plan.

”I said: ‘No, I’m not doing it. I’m too shy.’ When I saw him [Gerrard] in the tunnel, it was just instinct. I just shouted his name. All my friends take the mick as I sounded so young. He wasn’t embarrassed. He was just surprised because he probably thought I was going to shake his hand.

”My dad actually didn’t think I was going to do it. He said: ‘If you do it, we’ll go out the day after and buy you five PlayStation 2 games.’ And I got the games,” said now 19-year old Jake Nickless.

“Me and Gerrard actually didn’t speak at all, All I said was “Gerrard!” to get his attention.

”I remember Claude Makélélé and Michael Essien laughing as it happened, and John Terry gave me a pat on the head afterwards, when I walked back to hold his hand.

”I think everyone found it funny, apart from Stevie G,” he said.

Sorry, Stevie G, but we also think it’s hilarious!

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