Chelsea Looking To Give Batshuayi Away To West Ham

Chelsea don’t seem too keen on keeping Michy Batshuayi on at Stamford Bridge and have plans to sell him this summer.

That spells out hope for West Ham, however, who are currently looking for a striker to add to their squad. They have their eye on Chelsea’s Batshuayi, who probably won’t stay on with the Blues come summer, according to the Sun.

The striker has not been given many starts this season – with Frank Lampard having only allowed him to start once. He has definitely been struggling to come on the field this season and now Chelsea is planning to give him away.

Other than West Ham, Crystal Palace is also in the run for securing the Chelsea striker on to their side. Batshuayi is currently put on the market by Lampard at £40million.

However, there’s no way Chelsea will get that amount or anything close to it for the striker. The stats for Batshuayi at Chelsea since joining in 2016 level up to 25 goals and 77 appearances. He has often been out loaned to other clubs, the likes of which include Borussia Dortmund, Crystal Palace, and Valencia. 

West Ham might soon be on their way to make a deal with the Blues for Batshuayi this summer – but definitely not for £40million.

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