Chelsea Forward Out To Silence Haters After Racial Abuse

Racial abuse from his own fans will not be enough to derail Tammy Abraham’s season, states the Chelsea forward.

The 21-year-old was subjected to racist chants after he missed the final penalty of the UEFA Super Cup match against Liverpool which led to Chelsea losing the game. Frank Lampard said he was disgusted” by the actions of a “so-called Chelsea fan” and also backed up the young footballer.

Abraham came on from the substitutes bench for the 1-1 draw against Leicester City on Sunday. He failed to deliver a winner in the second half but kept his head high after the match as he said, “Things happen in football. Unfortunately for me, I was on the receiving end. I have had experiences of taking penalties under pressure [and] tucking them away. Unfortunately for me, I missed.

“I was getting some abuse but for me, I am a positive guy. I don’t listen to the rubbish, to the people who try to bring you down. I just try to keep the focus on me and keep going.”

“You just want to silence the haters,” he added. “You just want to do your bit on the pitch [and] let the football do the talking.” Chelsea are yet to register a competitive win under Frank Lampard but Abraham is not discouraged by the recent results.

He continued, “Things are looking positive. It is nice to know that the manager, with so much experience, believes in you, especially the young boys coming up. Things are looking good, especially for the Academy boys as well looking up to us who were players once in their shoes.”

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  1. Please we must all try to understand life and nature in general .Just a lose and a draw is not yet enough to start going this far by criticising our own manager and our players . we all know the kind of messy decisions our administration and owner had done already ..How can they allow all the key old strikers to leave the club ,after we all know Hazard was already leaving .. (What do we expect ?) There is no MAGIC ,coz, experience players are also a boost to the team ..Even old experienced coaches get this same kind of result ..Have we forgotten how PEP also started when he came ..
    Lamoard has established the system and that is our TRADEMARK style of playing ..But just see the guys are also a bit less exposed and trying to build on the experience ..(They are even trying ,looking at how they have been brought into that top flight football ..
    PLEASE, let’s just keep quiet for at least 2 months and let’s see ..Didn’t Conte won us titles ? Didn’t Di mateu won us champions league ?,Didn’t Benetez won us a trophy ? But still they were criticized by many.. Let’s stop these foolish criticism and rally behind our team (if you understand life and football ,you would know what and how you talk )
    Thank you ..


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