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Chelsea dressing room photos, pictures, images and videos 2024

Chelsea dressing room celebrations? Want to see some Chelsea dressing room pictures, photos, images and videos? Take a look at some of the best Chelsea FC dressing room pictures with Chelsea dressing room celebrations and Chelsea players in the locker room.

Chelsea dressing room 2024

Take a look inside the Chelsea dressing room 2024. Chelsea have had a difficult season in 2024. Manager Mauricio Pochettino is trying to keep it together but it seems like he’s on his way out. Meanwhile, Chelsea are battling to make it into the top four of the Premier League.

So there has obviously been tension in the changing rooms at Stamford Bridge. But luckily for the players at Chelsea, the changing rooms and general facilities are excellent. Maybe this has calmed down the players somewhat.

Here is a snazzy snapshot of the latest lighting in the Chelsea dressing room

Chelsea dressing room 2019Take a look inside the changing rooms at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea dressing room Stamford Bridge 2018Chelsea dressing room celebrations

Here you can find Chelsea celebrations pictures. These are images, pictures and videos of celebrations in the dressing room after the Blues Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League triumphs.

While Chelsea may not have had much to celebrate this season, Chelsea Football Club, on the whole, have had much to celebrate in the past few years.

Here are some pictures of the Chelsea squad in 2014.

Chelsea dressing room celebrations 2018 Stamford Bridge

Chelsea celebrations after Premier League title triumph in 2017

Chelsea dressing room celebrations Premier League

More images of the Chelsea dressing rooms celebration after Premier League title triumph. Chelsea’s last league triumph.

Chelsea dressing room celebrations after Premier League title triumph

Chelsea changing room celebration after Premier League title triumph

Chelsea dressing room celebrations Champions League

Here are images from Chelsea dressing room celebrations Champions League

Chelsea dressing room celebrations Champions League

Chelsea FC Celebration Champions 2016/207

Chelsea FC FA Cup Final 2012 dressing room celebration

Take a look at the Chelsea dressing rooms celebrations in 2012 after their FA Cup win. 

Chelsea changing room 2018

Chelsea dressing room

As you can see, the Chelsea changing rooms are simple but elegant. It isn’t too flashy or modern and they preserve the feeling of history in the stadium and the history of the club. Chelsea players will go in these rooms before the matches and at half-time They also have debriefings in the rooms after matches too. So it’s essential that each and every player feels good and at home in the changing rooms.

Each player in the first-team squad has a fresh and clean kit above their name in the room. This is to make them feel appreciated and at home. Then they get changed and each player tends to have a pre-match ritual such as playing a certain song, or tying up their laces a certain way etc.

The dressing rooms are essential for the club as it makes the players feel relaxed before the games.

Here is a funny dressing room banter video between Diego Costa and John Terry. You dont want to miss this.

Chelsea changing room

Here is a picture of Chelsea changing rooms with former players jerseys hanging on the players lockers room.

Chelsea changing room

The new players have found their allocated spots in the dressing room. Want to know where Kepa sits? The image below will show you where. He sits next to his goalkeeping teammates Willy Caballero and Robert Green.

chelsea dressing room kits

So, what is the history of Stamford Bridge stadium? The Stamford Bridge stadium is a football stadium in Fulham, South-West London. It is the home ground of Chelsea F.C. The complex has a capacity of 41,631, making it the eighth largest ground in the 2017–18 Premier League season. The club has plans to expand the capacity to 60,000 by the 2021–2022 season.

Opened in 1877, Chelsea have played their home games there ever since. It has gone through major changes over the years, most recently in the 1990s, when it was renovated into an all-seater stadium

Before the stadium went through renovations, it had a larger capacity. The stadium’s highest official attendance is 82,905, for a league match between Chelsea and Arsenal on 12 October 1935.

Centenary Museum

A new Chelsea club museum opened in 2005. Known as the Chelsea Museum or the Centenary Museum, to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the Blues. Open to visitors, guests are able to visit the WAGs lounge and then watch an introductory video message from the former vice-president Richard Attenborough. They are then guided through the club’s history and all the club’s memorabilia.

It is the largest football museum in London.

Chelsea will be playing at Wembley Stadium in the next few years until the new stadium is built. They will share the stadium with Tottenham throughout the seasons. The new stadium will have a capacity of 60,000. That is a lot of fans! The expected revenue increase from stadium attendances should offset the cost of the stadium in the long-term.

The building of the new stadium has been complex to say the least. There have been various obstacles and consent laws etc to pass. But, recently the Mayor of London gave permission to build the new stadium. He felt that the increased tourists to London and Stamford Bridge along with having another state-of-the-art arena in the centre of London was beneficial to his city.

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