Chelsea boss defends Lukaku as City beat the blues

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has denied claims of criticising Romelu Lukaku after defeat at Manchester City.

This is what Tuchel had to say in an interview, when asked to expand on apparent criticism of his centre-forward.

“Stop, no, stop. I was not critical about the chances we missed. Not true,” Tuchel hit back with.

“We had not enough chances for the ball wins, the movements, the opportunities that we could have had. We could have had many more chances if we played with better timing and precision. It is simply like this.

“The performance in the first half in the opponents’ half, we had eight or nine transition chances and out of them, we didn’t have a touch in the box. That’s what I’m critical about.

“We could have had much more chances, that’s what I’m critical about. The ball losses were too early and we were too poor in decision making and timing. That was not on the level that we need on this kind of level of football match.”

“Romelu had a huge physical impact in the game against Tottenham,” Tuchel said. “Maybe he wasn’t so spectacularly involved, but he was involved in playing a crucial part with his physical qualities. We saw that in his data.

“Once he adapts to the physical style of the league there is no doubt he will have a huge impact.

Tuchel seemed determined to shun any criticism targeting the striker.


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