Chelsea Are A 'Trigger-Happy' Club - Gary Neville

Chelsea are happy hiring and firing their managers, according to Gary Nevile.

“Players almost need a new idea after 18 months, particularly at Chelsea, we know what happens there,” said Neville.

“I think he will make them better, he will improve them but Chelsea are trigger happy. They don’t give that two or three years to prove whether you have the idea that the owners want.

“They want results straight away. The manager knows what he wants to do, he has a new system with the wing-backs. They look better, but it will be a big test against us.”

“Eighteen months is the maximum he will get anyway,” he added. “(Antonio) Conte came in and he knew how long he would be there.

“He won the league, started kicking off and got himself out, did it on his own terms so his reputation was left intact. Chelsea have been successful and every club has a model.

“At Salford, our managers get 2-3 years. The first managers we appointed had two-and-a-half years, Graham (Alexander) had two-and-a-quarter years. That’s the model of our club.

“I think Manchester United should be 2-4 years, but at Chelsea, it has always been a year or two years maximum.

“That’s the model and it is at a lot of clubs.”

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