Chelsea appeal transfer ban: Why failing the appeal might be a blessing in disguise!

It has been a rough few years of Chelsea. While many thought the winning of the UEFA Champions League in 2012 will be the start of an even greater era, such has not been the case.

Yes the Blues have still consistently won trophies here and there to maintain their status as a top club, but the launchpad the Abramovich money created has been misused.

Chelsea works on the function of not buying the world’s most expensive talent regularly. They do dish out their fair bit of money to buy world class talent but most of the outlay goes into buying the next star of the future.

The youth academy is trained with great discipline and hundreds of young players are signed hoping they will come good. However, while the plan sounds solid, the mistake happens because the managers they appoint do not risk youngsters in their teams.

And we cannot blame the managers as well all the times because Chelsea’s no tolerance policy leaves coaches with little wiggle room after a defeat. This creates a paradox in the club which the board ultimately should take the fall for. They try to win on both sides and their unbalanced desire for all round success has finally taken its toll.

Managers now do not like coming to the Bridge and more importantly from a young players’ point of view, Stamford Bridge is a graveyard. Look at the De Bruynes and Mo Salahs.

Worst of all, to compensate for this lack of game time, the Blues send out the youngsters on loan spells, one after another. The board pleased with their maneuvering of the talent system, thought they could get away with it and signed endless players of young age.

Now FIFA has called a halt to such a system and charged Chelsea with illegal signings of a few youth players. However, the Blues pleaded innocent to FIFA but failed to overturn the decision.

Now news has broken that Chelsea Football Club has officially appealed against their two transfer window ban to Court of Arbitration for Sports or CAS in short.

CAS has the power to overturn or freeze the transfer embargo but should Chelsea fail their appeal, they risk an even longer and extended ban.

Things are certainly heating up at the Bridge and should the ban persist, someone at South West London’s boardroom has to pay; they cannot get away by pinning it on the manager and players anymore. The board has messed up big time and there is no maneuvering this.

In hindsight, a ban would not be the worst idea as it would steer up the board to look at its own system and maybe change a thing or two to make Chelsea more sustainable for the future!

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