Clinton Morrison has accused Chelsea of lacking leadership.

“They’ve got no leaders. Me personally, I don’t think Chelsea have no leaders,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live’s Football Daily podcast.

“If John Terry’s in that team, he organises.

“[Marcos] Alonso’s pointing to Hazard and Hazard doesn’t even know that the runner’s behind him, he’s making a run in behind to get the cross in, Bernardo Silva’s behind him and he basically just goes and leaves him without telling Hazard.

“That’s schoolboy defending. If my 11 or 12 year old defended like that now, I’d be going mad at him on the sideline. And these are experienced internationals, so it’s nowhere near good enough and I don’t think Chelsea have enough leaders in their team at the moment.”

“I think Jorginho’s a big problem, but Sarri’s a stubborn manager,” he said. ” He’s stuck on playing Jorginho there and you see what a lot of teams do, they just break off him. You saw Gundogan, he was breaking into the box when he scored his goal.

“They were just a shambles all over. The first five or 10 minutes I thought: ‘hold on, Chelsea are going for it. It’s gonna be an entertaining game.’ And they did have their chances, but I just think defensively and in the midfield area they’re not good enough.

“They’re misusing Kante massively. You looked at him at the end of the game, he was trying to make a run back and he was out on his feet. It’s ‘cos he’s doing loads of people’s running.

“They’re just disjointed and you can see at the end of the whistle the way Sarri went down the tunnel, not even shaking Pep Guardiola’s hand, he’s a man under serious pressure.”

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