Cech describes ice hockey passion

Petr Cech has embarked on a new career at Ice Hockey.

“When you get hit by the puck in the wrong spot, it hurts even when you’re wearing the padding,” Cech said on Saturday.

“But then, when someone hits you from a meter’s distance in football, it hurts too,” added the 37-year-old who retired from professional football in the summer.

“The puck will hit you hard through the trapper but then you end up with a bruise at worst, that’s no disaster,” Cech said.

He found other parallels between football and ice hockey, the two most popular sports in his native Czech Republic. “The warm-up will be the same as what I did in football,” said Cech.

“And the pre-match skate has a similar structure as the warm-up before a football game,” he added.

“Also the coach gives you information before the game, tells you what he wants from the team and you.”

“The only difference is that I don’t know anything about the opponents here – I would be able to gather more information at Chelsea,” Cech complained.

Like in football, the goalkeeping chore was the obvious choice for Cech, who loved watching and playing ice hockey as a child. “I wasn’t keen to turn into a forward. I can only skate well enough for a netminder – I don’t think I could play up front,” he said.

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