Callum Hudson-Odoi has a CoVID-19 message for the fans

Callum Hudson-Odoi officially became the first Premier League player to be tested positive for the CoVID-19 in the second week of March.

It spread panic amongst the players and the organization of the Premier League as games were canceled and things were hastily shut down. Hudson-Odoi was ill for sometime before recovering towards the end of the month. 

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard updated on the player’s health throughout and now finally Hudson-Odoi has come live to share with us his story and what we can learn from it.

“I am feeling perfect,” he told Chelsea’s official website. “I had the virus, which has cleared now. I fully feel good, I feel fit, so I am feeling back to myself so it is all good.

“I had it [the illness] three weeks ago now I think, on a Monday when I felt a bit hot and I was thinking, ‘this is a bit unusual, why do I feel this hot?’

“The next day I was feeling back to normal. I thought it was just a minor temperature thing, but obviously it wasn’t. I said to myself this wasn’t actually that bad, the symptoms, and I said to myself, ‘I feel good, I feel better.’

“Everything is happening so fast and I did not know this virus would be such a major thing and so big in the world and affect so many people.

“Everyone has to be careful and judge things how they go and hopefully the virus will go soon and everyone will be back to normal.”

This message is interesting and educational for everyone as we can learn that the virus is more dangerous than we understand and hence should not risk safety at any cost. 

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