Callum Hudson-Odoi At Risk Of Losing Driving Privileges After Caught Speeding

Callum Hudson-Odoi has once again met with issues off the field.

He was caught speeding on his way to the Chelsea training ground.

A police officer pulled him over while he was driving at 90 miles per hour back in August. He wrote to Bromley magistrates explaining his situation.

“Prior to the offence, I was going through an extremely difficult period in my life for personal reasons. My employers were fully aware of these problems and I would say that I was under significant pressure at work.

“On August 6, 2020, I was driving to work. I left home at my usual time to make the journey which usually has me arriving early, however due to a road closure I was running late.

“I believed that if I arrived late this would only compound the problems I was having at work.”

“Being stopped by the police officer for this offence only compounded my problems and made my situation worse”, he wrote to the court in March.

“I have learned a lot from the whole experience and have started to get myself back on track. The last two months have seen my life stabilise.”

Hudson-Odoi was starting to enjoy a resurgent during Thomas Tuchel’s early reign at Chelsea but he is once again starting to drop down the pecking order.

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