Callum Hudson-Odoi asks Tuchel to stop shouting so much

Hudson-Odoi asks Tuchel to calm down during matches.

The 21-year old winger was left on the Chelsea bench for the Carabao Cup final defeat against Liverpool this Sunday.

Tuchel’s animated gestures in the touchline doesn’t have a positive effect on his team and Hudson-Odoi often wishes his boss remains qi=uiet.

“The manager is a very good guy, tactically he’s amazing,” Hudson-Odoi told the Mail before the final. “He knows how to get the best out of each player, sometimes it might be in a way that you don’t want to hear it or he might be shouting in a way that you think: ‘Why are you shouting so much on the touchline?’

“At the same time, he wants what is best for the team. Sometimes it’s hard to understand and you think to yourself: ‘Can you calm down a little bit and stop shouting as much?’

“He’s trying to get a message across and make it clear to you that: ‘Listen, I want this from you because I want to win the game. I’m not just going to shout at you, I’ll shout at everybody to make sure we get the best out of everybody, and we win the game. Or get the 100 per cent out of everybody’.

“It’s definitely a different sort of manager compared to the others ones I’ve been under. He’s always on his toes, always up and ready to make a gesture or talk. Just very vocal.

“It’s good on the pitch but sometimes it’s like: ‘Can you quieten down a little bit, not shout as much?’ But it’s OK.”


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