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Former Chelsea player Gary Cahill has lifted the lid on his decision to leave the club this summer. The Englishman joined Crystal Palace after seven years of service at the Stamford Bridge.

Cahill revealed that a lack of playing time was the major reason why he decided to quit Chelsea. In his farewell season, the 33-year-old appeared only twice in the Premier League and six times in other competitions.

“I was in a bit of a no man’s land. I spoke to the manager and told him I’ll be doing a lot more work and if I play, I will tail that off,” Cahill said.

“Selfishly, I needed to be at a level where I could go [leave ​Chelsea]. I can’t afford to have two or three months out of the game and then expect to pick it up in the Premier League.”

“My aim was always to get back playing regularly. Last year was a freak season. For the majority of my career, I’ve played football week in week out.”

“It’s probably my mental strength and that’s something I’m proud of… I just saw it as a blip and for me to get back on track and playing at the level I should be, I needed to be topped up.”

“I knew I would get back playing and I knew I would be at the top level, the Premier League.”

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