Ben Chilwell lauds special duo for Porto win

Jorginho and Mateo Kovacic were pivotal in Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Porto.

Ben Chilwell scored the winning goal with five minutes remaining and Tuchel’s men are confident of sealing a place in the semi-final if they are to cover Porto in the second leg of the tie.

Chilwell also praised midfield duo Jorginho and Kovacic who were instrumental in Chelsea’s dominance in the middle of the park.

Chilwell said: ‘Massive win. We knew the kind of game it was going to be, tough game, they’re a physical side and they showed that with their physicality, wanting to try and be aggressive with us which we knew would be the case and I think we matched them.

‘We knew we’re up there with the top teams when it comes to playing football but the test for us was showing that physicality and making sure we levelled them with the physical side of the game and I think that’s the main reason we came through and had a good result.

‘They’re a great side, a top team in Portugal, you’re in the quarter-finals of the Champions League so you know you’re going to be up against a tough team whoever you play and that was the case.

‘I think the midfield were brilliant,’ Chilwell added.

‘Kova and Jorgi played brilliantly, dictating the midfield.

‘When we came under spells when we were under pressure they were brilliant at keeping the ball and just giving us a bit of a breather.’


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