Ben Chilwell keen to make an impact at Stamford Bridge

Chilwell wants to contribute more in the final third.

The England left-back has two goals and two assists in five Premier League games so far.

Having missed the first part of the campaign with an injury from last season, he made a goal and an assist on his debut against Crystal Palace.

“The manager and the coaching staff are always telling me to get in at the back post and get up there and score more goals and get more assists,” Chilwell told Chelsea’s website.

“I can’t be happy just to put crosses in, but want to score and get more assists. I have tried to add that to my game this season.

“Defensively, playing alongside the likes of Thiago Silva, Zoum [Kurt Zouma], Reece [James], Azpi [Cesar Azpilicueta], Edou [Mendy] behind, everyone that’s been there has been brilliant.

“When you’re playing with people around you who you are confident in, it gives you more confidence in the way you play. I feel like I have found it comfortable because of how everyone has been with me.

“You have to pick and choose your moments [to get forward]. What I have found that is brilliant is when I do get forward at the back post and I turn round, I have got Mason there covering me, N’Golo [Kante], Jorginho, they are covering me, and then you’ve got Thiago and Zoum who eat everything up at the back.

“I know when I do get forward the players behind me are doing a brilliant job in terms of stopping the counter-attack.”


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