Five Things You Did Not Know About Ben Chilwell

Five things you did not know about Ben Chilwell

Ben Chilwell is one of the newest arrivals at Chelsea and a great one too! Chelsea has been behind the former Leicester City left back for a while now and finally he was able to move to Stamford Bridge. But there’s a lot about the Blues defender which we aren’t aware of. And that’s pretty much why we’ve put together this list of things that you had no idea about Ben Chilwell!

1. Ben Chilwell Is Only Half English


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Chilwell’s father is from New Zealand. His grandfather came to England sometime in the 1900s, where he met Chilwell’s grandmother. Once they married, the family stayed back in England – where Chilwell was born and raised. However, he was raised with New Zealand values and traditions, thanks to his father and grandfather!

2. He Introduced Football To His Family


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Chilwell’s family had a strong New Zealand Kiwi ancestry – and he dabbled a lot in two sports – cricket and football. With his family mostly familiar with the sport of cricket, Chilwell was the first in his family to actively take up football as a career. Or for that matter, even play football! However, his parents were supportive of him pursuing football.

“He used to get me to try and hit the crossbar with my left and my weaker right foot,” remarked Chilwell.

“It was only when I started playing that my parents took an interest in the game and now they love it,” he added.

“I still remember my first game. It was against Willen, which was another team from Milton Keynes, and I think we ended up winning that game 15-0 or 16-0. There were a few of us from that team who played together from when we were six or seven, four of us went on to be scholars, two at Leicester and two at MK Dons.”

3. Ben Chilwell Had To Choose Between Cricket And Football


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Being brought with his family interested in cricket and him interested in football, he was exposed to both sports. In fact, there came a point in his life, where he had to make a decision of which sport to choose. Initially, Chilwell chose to go with cricket.

“I also had another choice to make at this stage, as I was probably better at cricket than I was at football,” remembered Chilwell.

However, as he started training in cricket, his interest in the sport started to wane. He soon realised that he was more cut out for football and he even enjoyed football more than cricket.

I wasn’t really enjoying cricket as much they were long days and often with people who weren’t really my friends it’s just not the same dynamic as football and at that time, when I probably wasn’t as good at football, I. just decided to give football one last opportunity,” he said.

And boy we’re glad he did!

4. He Has Been With His Wife Since 2017


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For all you singles out there crushing on the current Blues left back, he is unfortunately tied to someone else! But fortunate for him indeed, because his wife is amazing. She’s the perfect combination of beauty and brains (a cliche, we know, but it’s rare to meet someone like that!). Joanna Chilwell has a degree in psychology from the University of Leicester.

5. Chilwell Joined Leicester City’s Academy At Only 12 Years Of Age


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Leicester City Academy has definitely molded Ben Chilwell to the fine footballer he is today! He won the Academy Player of the Year award at Leicester in 2014-15 campaign and debuted for Leicester City’s first team on 27 October 2015.

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