Chelsea midfielder Ross Barkley has urged his team to be positive ahead of today’s Carabao Cup Final against Manchester City at Wembley. Chelsea have faced Manchester City thrice this season already and have lost two of them. The first defeat was at Wembley while the second was a 6-0 drubbing nearly a fortnight back.

However, Barkley believes that Chelsea should not think about the recent drubbing and should instead think about winning their first silverware of the season.

The 25-year old said, “I don’t think in our minds we should be thinking anything about embarrassment. We should be thinking about winning a trophy. Thinking about the good things, rather than thinking about what could happen. We’ve got to think about achieving success. In my mind I always think positive. If things aren’t coming off well … bad days don’t always stay. Good times are ahead.

When I was at Everton, I went through a lot of up and down spells, lacking in confidence. Over the last couple of years I’ve improved on that. And understanding that if you make a mistake, everybody makes a mistake. You focus on what’s ahead, instead of focusing on what’s happened or the previous game.”




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