Azpilicueta contract clause activated prior to Chelsea sanctions

Cesar Azpilicueta could be staying at Chelsea for one more season despite the current sanctions hanging over the Premier League club

The Spain international was poised to become a free agent in June, with Barcelona in discussions to sign him.

After the UK authorities frozen Roman Abramovich’s assets, the Blues can offer new contracts to its players or sign new ones.

However, according to the Spanish newspaper Marca, an automatic one-year extension option in Azpilicueta’s contract was triggered prior to the penalty.

Azpilicueta was required to make 30 appearances this season under the terms of his contract. His start against Norwich last week brought his season total to 33.

For months, reports have circulated that the 32-year-old Chelsea captain was ready to return to his hometown with Barcelona.

According to reports, he will no longer be a free agent at the end of the season. An automatic one-year extension in Azpilicueta’s contract has now become operational.

This summer, Barcelona prioritised the signings of Azpilicueta and fellow Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen.

It complicates the future of the Pamplona-born player.

Barca’s ambition to sign the player persists, but they are unwilling to pay a premium with Azpilicueta’s new one-year contract coming into effect.


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