Chelsea academy coach Ashley Cole plans to enter senior management

Ashley Cole is currently working with Chelsea U18s.

Chelsea academy coach Ashley Cole claims he wants to enter senior management. Ashley Cole is currently England U21 assistant coach, and also works with Chelsea U18s.

On his senior management plans, Ashley Cole said: “It’s something I definitely want to get into. Hopefully in a few years I can go into a managerial role.

“I would love to take bits from all my managers. If I could take all those three together and squash them into one hopefully that will be me! A tough task.

Ashley Cole also talked about Ancelotti and said, “Carlo Ancelotti was key at man-managing, and understanding the person and trying to get the best out of the person. He set up sessions so that the minute you got into the training ground you wanted to get out and be on that pitch.

“He made you feel very safe and was very approachable. That really brought out the best in me.

“In terms of the tactical aspect, I think Jose Mourinho. It was his detail, the due diligence he would do. Going up against bigger opponents he would write down their height, their weight, strong foot, weak foot, the way you want to show them. Amazing game plans.

“I would take Arsene Wenger and at times he would let the game be the teacher. I was a young raw 19 year old but he let me play. I made a lot of mistakes in my early career, and he never took me out of the team. He trusted the process I was going to be a top player. I learned a lot from my mistakes in the game.”

“I was looking to retire and coach there but had the chance to come back to England. I wanted to make sure I learned my trade at Chelsea. I thought let’s take this seriously and really get my teeth into it.

“I’ve sat with Chelsea legends and got to grips with what it takes to be a top coach or manager. It gave me that real edge and push to go on and try to better myself and that is why I’ve taken this chance to go up a level and work with elite players.”

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