Abraham reveals why players hated Frank Lampard

Chelsea have made a bright start to the new season under boss Frank Lampard.

One stark difference in this team is that they run and press a lot than previous Chelsea teams who preferred to defend in the final third.

Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham has now revealed that the extra work in the pre-season is finally paying off helping Chelsea do what the boss asks of them. Although not everyone was very happy with all the extra work Lamps made them do earlier!

‘I think a lot of players were a bit upset about how much running we had to do in pre-season, but it’s all paying off now’, he told The Athletic.

‘It all makes sense why we did it, why we had such a hard pre-season.

‘From when the manager came in he told us the style of play, how he wanted us to play, how to press.

‘At first, I couldn’t do it. I had no energy. But as the season has gone on, I’ve got used to it.

‘Now we know what he wants in the press, so for us, it’s about giving defenders no time on the ball – just rushing them.’

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