5 players chelsea stole from under manchester united's nose
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Chelsea and Manchester United have been old rivals in the Premier League. However, their animosity for each other isn’t restricted only to the pitch.

Both clubs have been seen chasing the same players in the transfer market on several ocassions. However, more than most of the times, the Blues have always emerged as the winners in such situations.

That being said, let’s have a look at 5 such players which slipped from United’s fingers and into Chelsea’s basket.

5. Eden Hazard
5 players chelsea stole from under manchester united's nose
Oh, what could have been! Had Eden Hazard joined Manchester United in 2012, Sir Alex Ferguson would have poached the perfect successor for Cristiano Ronaldo. After all, that’s what he is being viewed at Real Madrid, isn’t it?

Both United and Chelsea were in contact with the Belgian following his impressive season with Lille. However, Chelsea ended up being the winners and here’s what Hazard had to say on the situation.

“I spoke with Abramovich, he is very simple and loves football,” Hazard said at the time. “There was a struggle between Chelsea and United, but according to me Chelsea has the best project. I was in advanced contact with both clubs and I spoke to both coaches.”

Apparently, Sir Alex was reportedly reluctant to pay extra fees for the player’s agentz which saw him join their rivals instead.



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