Harry Kane spills beans about upcoming Spurs vs Chelsea game

Striker Harry Kane has been addressing the media this week in front of Tottenham’s season characterizing game against Chelsea on Sunday.

It’ll definitely be a tense and exciting game, what with Jose Mourinho showing up. If Tottenham manages to win over Chelsea at White Hart Lane, the Spurs shall go above Chelsea in the table – which is pretty unnerving. That will probably put them at an easier place to bag a place in the Champions League instead of the Blues.

Harry Kane explains the “momentum” of the game – how big is it exactly for the Spurs and the Blues alike?

“We have the momentum at the moment. But next weekend is the big one. If we can win that and push into the top four, then we have fixtures over the Christmas period that we feel we can definitely win,” the striker said.

“Even before Chelsea’s defeat on Saturday, we said it’s two important games. We knew how much it meant to win at Wolves and with Chelsea losing the day before it meant even more.”

From the looks of it, the game won’t be an easy one. A lot is at stake and with the current form, it’ll get even more challenging. However, the Blues do have a lot of hardworking and talented players – so guess we’ll just have to wait and watch!

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